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Our Store

Cork World was born out of a single project back in 2005 with the main focus in offering genuine Portuguese made products to the visiting tourists from contemporary to decorative items but also products for your home.

All our products are created and made in Portugal from different materials such as pottery, glass or cork.

With various inspirations our main purpose is to offer a bit of every region of Portugal such as the Cockerel of Barcelos, the piri-piri and the tinned sardines of the Algarve or the honey of Alentejo.

We are the perfect place to find your original and quality souvenirs or just a simple gift.

The soaps and beauty products of Castelbel; the picturesque hand painted pottery of Porches or the delicious selection of tinned sardines to eat back home are only a few examples of what you can find in our Concept Store.

The various internationally acclaimed brands of cork products including Pelcor are widely represented with their selection of bags, wallets, purses and products for the gentlemen. These come in deep or neutral colours through the seasonal collections ranging from vintage to modern, respecting nature and the environment.

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